Below you find the latest version of the petition proposed by the

“Geneva Movement for Sustainability”
and presented a few weeks ago by Juan
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After thousands of years of civilization, we have developed a socio-economic model worldwide that is not sustainable, “a machine” which runs us over the cliff. The question is: can we still control democratically this machine and deviate its path, or is the machine that controls us?

Our present economic system, based on “economic growth” rather than human welfare, is not sustainable: it comes with an expiration date… in a violent an abrupt way. We know this intuitively: we cannot keep going with this rhythm of consumption indefinitely. One of the most apparent manifestations of our system’s weaknesses is the disastrous economic crisis that we are experiencing now, but this is just a symptom of a more profound disease. On top of this problem there are others, of even more severe and far-reaching consequences: pollution, loss of biodiversity and iconic natural spaces, access to clean fresh water and, notably, the worrying issue of climate change. We suffer from an environmental crisis and we are heading towards an announced catastrophe within few decades –years perhaps–, which will affect all aspects of our lives.

We care about the natural environment and our planet, about our children and the people that will follow in our footsteps. We thus want to take responsibility and confront this problem now. The fact is that there exist feasible solutions(*link) to transition to a sustainable green economy, but these involve that we stand united worldwide. This is for two big reasons. First, we need to coordinate internationally in order for these solutions to be effective. Second, we need to come together in a massive movement to overcome the political obstacles towards the true expression of our democratic will. Some big powerful corporations are opposed to this “global change”, because of a (temporary) economic profit. They raise doubts around this inconvenient issue, and prevent action very effectively. Ours is a movement for people, real people. We invented structures such as firms or corporations, we allow them to exist, and we can thus impose rules on them so that they live up for our same human values.

Our governments have to take the lead to solve the environmental crisis, but they will only do it if we force them to, by means of a massive petition. It is the time now. So far, we have heard talk and talk but nothing is done. What we need from them is first, information, what is the real cost for each of us if we face this problem all together “in the same boat”?… then, we the people will decide responsibly.

(Note: the preamble is user-customizable)


Our goal is to have our governments study, develop and perfect an international plan of action to transition to a sustainable green economy. An economy which restores human values as the guiding principle, and which addresses without delay the problems of environmental degradation and climate change. We want this proposal to be publicly announced so that we as a people can responsibly choose a course of action for our societies in a referendum.
For my part, I will make the commitment to inspire at least two people to join this cause so that we may have the power of numbers to achieve our objective: A SUSTAINABLE WORLD FOR THE PEOPLE.

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